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Oral surgery

Cirugía oral

Oral surgery focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of dental parts and adjacent soft tissues that require surgical intervention.

The removal of wisdom teeth is the most frequent intervention in oral surgery. This technique is the solution for the lack of space in the jaws or when there are problems of infection, cyst or lack of space in the jaw for all dental pieces.

Other oral surgery interventions include:

  • Complex tooth extractions
  • Removal of maxillary cysts
  • Biopsy
  • Extraction of dental roots from inside the bone
  • Prosthetic implants and brace surgery, indicated for children who have limited mobility of lips and tongue because of having too large the membrane attached to the tongue at the bottom.

Oral surgery operations are usually performed in the same dental clinic and do not generally require large interventions so they can be performed with local anesthesia techniques.

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