The Orthodontics It is the dental specialty responsible for correcting teeth and bones that are in the wrong position.

The treatments that are carried out consist of preventing, Diagnose and correct possible alterations, and keep them in an optimal state of health and harmony, by using and controlling different types of forces.

Problems that may require orthodontics may be bite problems, poor position of the teeth, premature tooth loss, Crowding, Problems of the vocal apparatus, etc.

The best way to know if your teeth need orthodontic treatment is to go to our dental clinic and undergo a diagnosis by the expert in this field, The orthodontist.

In this way we can perform the treatment of aesthetic problems, of the bite, of the joints and multidisciplinary type, that in addition to orthodontics, require other disciplines such as aesthetics, the placement of veneers, Implants and teeth whitening. For this we perform treatments with fixed appliances and modern invisible removable orthodontic procedures (INVISALIGN).

Once the treatment is finished, there is a fundamental phase that is the retention. The retainers are responsible for keeping the teeth in the correct position until gum and bone adapt to the change.

In addition to enjoying a healthy mouth, It also provides aesthetics and quality of life to those who wear them., among many other advantages.

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